Office hours during Independence Day

On 24th of February, Estonia celebrates its Independence Day. Due to this, there are changes in our office hours:

On 23rd of February, offices are open until 12.00
On 24th of February, offices are closed

Happy Independence Day!

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About the need of making smaller repair jobs (broken door locks, light bulbs which need to be replaced, drainage problems, etc), you can give notice through e-Campus system (SERVICE DESK) - this is the fastest way to reach the repairmen!

If you have forgotten e-Campus login

If the passwords have been deleted or forgotten, you can change them in e-Campus system. If there is any problem in doing that or the system is not working properly, please contact TUT Student Campus to get new ones. Also contact TUT Student Campus if it is not possible to log in to the system with existing passwords.

If you have lost your keys or access card

During the office hours for TUT Student Campus you can get the extra key from the office at Raja 4D. During other times contact security service +372 620 2112.



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